my husband and i took some time to get away before we become a family of 3! we knew we wanted to go somewhere warm (being from Minnesota) and a lot of tropical locations were not an option due to the risk of Zika. we decided to go to Hawaii because it was warm and even though you felt like you were really far away it was still in the United States! we stayed in an airbnb in the Aston Kannapali Shores Resort. the location was great! there was a restaurant on site, a grocery store across the street and a boardwalk filled with places to eat nearby. we were there during my 23rd week and could not have timed it better.


our resort


the view from our balcony {see that splash way out there? that’s a whale!}


we won this cabana for the day



our favorite part of the trip was this snorkel cruise! it is very hard to smile in these masks. we went on Maui Magic


baby beach

how far along: 25 weeks

due date: August 2nd

gender: BOY

how have I been feeling?: I have actually been feeling really good! I was definitely nervous that between our 10+ hour flight to Hawaii and going out on boats for our excursions that I would struggle with nausea. but I felt just fine! my ankles and feet tend to get quite swollen after sitting for long periods of time and it is getting hard to pick up things off of the ground (including myself haha). both seem totally reasonable for being close to my 3rd trimester.

cravings/aversions: still nothing. i am always hungry though that is for sure.

physical changes: the bump keeps growing and growing. baby boy is now the size of a head of cauliflower. i am definitely to the point where it is incredibly obvious that i am expecting so people don’t hesitate to ask when i am due. nothing has changed too much in the past month. my belly button is still an innie, no new stretch marks (i say new because girl i have my fair share of stretch marks that have been around for years), no linea nigra, just a big belly.

nursery: we have talked about painting the nursery in the near future! nothing too exciting but i am thinking a cream color to brighten up the space. (the walls are currently a chocolate brown and way too dark) i mentioned in the last bumpdate that my parents bought us some décor. they got us this and this print that will go over the crib. we are doing a neutral safari theme. i am really hoping to find a plant similar to this one to add to the space. interior design is not my forte and I am planning to have some friends come over and help decorate the space once we have the crib. we also need new cushions for the rocking chair we have. any suggestions of where to buy them or get them made? thanks in advance!

favorite products:

shaping shorts

because i am due in august, i plan to wear dresses to keep cool during the summer months. I’ve always liked wearing a shaping short underneath dresses to prevent any chaffing and to feel protected in the event of a strong wind! highly recommend these.

body con dress

i am planning to live in this dress all. summer. long. i really like that it is a longer length because it makes me feel more comfortable as apposed to a shorter length. i also purchased this dress and really like it as well! both are currently under $20!

mama sweatshirt

ok so this item is actually on my wish list. it looks so cute and comfy!




bumpdate + gender reveal!

I cannot believe we are over halfway to meeting our sweet little babe!

how far along: we had our ultrasound on Friday at 21 weeks!

due date: August 2nd

how have I been feeling? I have been feeling great! 2nd trimester has been a breeze so far. besides the fact that i only fit in about 5 things in my closet i feel as close to “normal” as can be! i find myself getting a little car sick if i am in the backseat but that was a common occurrence for me even before being pregnant. all in all I would say I’ve been very blessed to have had a great pregnancy!

cravings/aversions: honestly, none. nothing sounds overly wonderful or terribly bad.

physical changes: I have gained about 10 pounds so far! my bump popped around 16 weeks.  I am trying really hard to embrace my bump and body changes but i’m not going to lie it has been a struggle. all my life I’ve been self conscious about my body. mostly because I was the chunky elementary school kid and after puberty became the awkward skinny middle schooler. i feel like my entire life i have carefully towed the line to make sure I’m not too small or too big. basically doing all i can so people would not comment on my body. of course being pregnant you are constantly getting comments about your body changes and growing belly… even from strangers.  i want to be so proud of this bump that shows a life is growing inside of me and need to keep reminding myself that these changes are normal and good. thankful for my husband who reminds me of this daily and lovingly cherishes my bump.

have you felt the baby move? YES! i started feeling the baby around 17 weeks. it started off so subtle and i wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination or the real thing! baby now moves quite a bit. it was so fun to see all the movement on the ultrasound as well, kicking away!

nursery: my sweet parents bought us our first decorations for the nursery! I had been waiting to do anything with the space because I wanted to know what we were having first. so far the nursery is neutral colors {navy blue, gray, white, beige} but will get little pops of color depending on what the gender is!

favorite products:

nursing bras

the first thing i noticed growing was my chest. I’ve never been busty so its been super weird to adjust to. i got a great recommendation from one of my friends that instead of purchasing a regular bra in your new size to go ahead and buy nursing bras. you’ll definitely need them soon enough so why not stock up on them? these are from amazon and are unbelievably comfortable!


my go to maternity outfit lately has been one of these tanks with either a cardigan, button up or kimono on top. they are nice and long and i love that they don’t have the ruching on the side like most maternity items have.


been living in these seamless leggings. i’ve also worn these non maternity leggings in a size up from my normal.


until recently i’ve still been in my pre pregnancy jeans unzipped and unbuttoned with a bella band. Old Navy had a huge sale and i decided to give these jeans a try. why was i shoving myself into my jeans?! these are so comfortable! rockstar jeans are my favorite non maternity jeans so it makes sense that i really liked these! i don’t quite fill out the full panel yet so i still wear my bella band to keep them snug.

now for what you’ve all been waiting for….


ITS A BOY!!!!!





we are so excited to announce that Baby Moran is on the way!

ever since forever i knew i wanted to be a mom. however our road has not been the easiest as we struggled for well over a year to get pregnant. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis when I was in middle school and always knew that it could be difficult to get pregnant. man did we pray for this sweet babe growing inside me! I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to carry this child. He is faithful and his timing is perfect.

how we found out: my cycle had been pretty consistently late which was disheartening month after month. i took my first test on a Friday morning before work and was in disbelief when i saw that second pink line appear. it was a pretty faint line so i didn’t allow myself to get too excited and decided to wait a few days and test again. I was so distracted at work that day and all I could think was, is this real? am I actually pregnant? because i wasn’t convinced i didn’t tell Andrew right away. on sunday morning i took another test and that second line appeared instantly! it was truly surreal and i could not believe we were finally pregnant. Andrew was playing volleyball later that day with some friends and i decided while he was gone i was going to think of a fun way to tell him. i ran to target to get a digital test that would actually say “pregnant” on the screen and set up a little display with the test, a letter board that said “oh baby” and a pacifier.

how far along: 14 weeks- baby is the size of a peach!

due date: August 2nd

how have I been feeling? i started feeling nauseous around week 7. they are so right when they say morning sickness can last all day. luckily i was able to find foods that i was able to tolerate and stocked my work desk with snacks. I felt most sick when I was hungry having snacks on hand was a life saver! I’ve also been very tired and tend to fall asleep on the couch every night around 8:30-9.

cravings: i haven’t really had too many cravings yet. what i can tell you is that pizza ALWAYS sounds good to me.

aversions: chicken and rice but my biggest aversion has been COFFEE. which is so terribly sad because i was a daily coffee drinker and really loved spoiling myself with an iced caramel macchiato. I had zero desire for it and didn’t have it at all my first trimester. it is starting to sound good again so it may be making its way back into my diet.

physical changes: i personally feel like i started showing early on even though i can guarantee it was 90% bloat, 10% bump! I’ve been in the awkward stage where a lot of my clothes don’t fit anymore but i also don’t fit into maternity clothes yet. thank goodness for leggings and chunky sweaters!

gender: we will be finding out the gender later in march! stay tuned!

favorite products:

prenatal gummies

trust me, you’ll want chewable vitamins instead of pills! they will sit so much better in your nauseated stomach.

bella band

perfect for when you can no longer button or zip your non maternity pants!

palmers cocoa butter

stretch marks “shouldn’t” appear until later in the 2nd trimester, but I’ve been getting in the habit of using this lotion after i shower on my belly and hips.



in my shopping cart

it is officially birthday week! my husband always warns me in the beginning of march that i need to try to not buy anything because my birthday is soon. of course when someone tells me i can’t buy something i find all the things that i really want! so instead of going out and buying it i thought i’d share with you guys what i have my eye on! here is what is currently in my shopping cart.

in my shopping cart

makeup brush| brush cleaning mat| graphic tee
letter board| patio lights| purse| swim top and bottom


do you clean your makeup brushes? i know i should but i am so bad at remembering to do it. i am hoping this cleaning mat by sigma beauty will make it easier so i do it more often! it suctions right to your sink and has 7 different textures to clean and refine your brushes. also, if you are in the market for new brushes make sure you check out the sonia kashuk brand at target! i’ve been really impressed with the quality of these brushes for the price!

|to wear|

i am a total sucker for a good graphic tee! old navy has some great ones right now and with spring break coming up i thought this one was perfect. i am currently carrying a black tote from target and am ready to switch it up for spring. i love the gray color and the fact that you can carry it or use it as a cross body. andrew graduates from grad school next month {hallelujah} and we are planning a trip somewhere warm! i love this mix n match gingham print suit from ASOS. have you browsed their suits? they are so unique and cute!

|for the home|

we are currently looking for a new place to rent! we got rid of quite a bit of our stuff when we left north dakota so i am slowly looking for fun home decor for our new place! how cute are these lights for the patio?

thanks for stopping by!


lets talk skincare


{origins super star set}

Confession: my skin has never been anything to be envious of. I have struggled with breakouts and dullness since middle school. Some of that is hormones but a lot of it was laziness and not taking care of my skin. i really thought that by my mid-twenties my skin issues would be figured out. unfortunately that is not the case so i am doing something about it!

I am finally getting into a good skincare routine and have been loving this super star set from Origins! this set includes their checks and balances face wash, night-a-mins cream and their super popular charcoal mask. my skin is very sensitive so i have a hard time buying full size products until i know my skin can handle it. the face wash is so frothy and leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it out. the cream is very thick and perfect for overnight. i have always struggled to use lotions because i feared they would make me break out even more. however, i am realizing that my skin is very dehydrated and needs the moisture so it does not look dull! i have been using the charcoal mask once a week for the past month. it is definitely the most popular product they carry and it totally lives up to the  hype! plus face masks are just super fun.

this set was only $20 and after a month of use i still have a ton of product left. my skin is still not perfect but it is looking more supple and healthy!



roses are red, violets are blue

valentines day 2018

sweatshirt| fit bit| mules|pajama pants|candle|stitch fix gift card

happy valentines day! i rounded up a few things i’ve had my eye on lately that would be a perfect gift for your mom, sister or bestie!

andrew and i have never taken valentines day too seriously. in fact, our first valentines day was only 5 days after our first date and i had already made plans to go see a movie with all my single ladies so we actually didn’t even see each other that day! since then we have decided to make it a chill night where we pick up the heartbaker pizza from papa murpheys and watch a movie together. with him getting ready to take his board exam we haven’t been able to fit in too many date nights so i am super excited to spend a little quality time with my husband!

what are your valentines day traditions?

i recently took a little bit of time off because we just moved to minnesota! it is so good to be back in my home state and we are slowly getting settled in our new city. thank you to everyone who took my survey back in January. your feedback was amazing and I am super excited to get back to writing content for you all!


get NYE ready with gordmans






new year’s eve is right around the corner. have you found your outfit yet? i ran into my local Gordmans to find something sparkly and fun to wear. this skirt caught my eye instantly. the sparkle is perfect for NYE and the mid length keeps it looking classy and sophisticated. because North Dakota is crazy cold this time of year {think highs of -10!} i knew i needed to pair something warm with the skirt. if you’ve been following my blog long, you know i am all about those OTS tops so this sweater was a no brainer!

one thing i love about shopping at Gordmans is their “lowest price guarantee.” whenever i shop there i am always confident that i am getting the best deal possible. Gordmans already tracks competitors prices to be sure that they are giving their shoppers the best possible prices on their huge selection. however, if you happen to find a lower price on an item other than at Gordmans, all you have to do is bring in the competitors current ad or show the cashier the item on your phone and Gordmans will match that price!  not only will they price match but they will also give you a $5 gift card! {learn more about their guarantee here} when you price-match, Gordmans Corporate is notified so they can work on lowering the price for that item and continue giving their shoppers the lowest price! Basically, they want to be the best among their competitors so they give us the tools to save some money.

gordmans’ mission is to thrill every guest with fun finds and exciting deals at every turn. there’s no need to hunt for bargains at gordmans- treasures are always in store with exceptional style at competitive prices, every day.

hope you all have a wonderful time ringing in the new year! we’ll see you in 2018!


*this post was sponsored by Gordmans. as always, all opinions are my own. thank you for supporting the retailers that support those pretty pieces*