On Sunday October 17th, 2021 we welcomed our second son Harvey John Moran. He was 8lbs 13oz and 20in long. He surprised us by coming over 2 weeks early and we are so in love!

Sunday morning started with an early wake up by our first born Vinny. We brought him into our bed to snuggle and watch his favorite show. the Lord knew I needed that special time with him! something that started as a frustration turned into a great gift. at 7:30am as we headed downstairs to get breakfast my water broke! I wasn’t having any contractions yet so we called Andrew’s parents and took our time getting ready, finishing packing and eating breakfast.

we arrived at the hospital at 9:00am and bypassed triage as it was quite obvious that my water broke. [ie. my pants were soaked]

shortly after we were admitted they gave me a COVID test. I remember telling Andrew I was excited to get the results and be able to take off my mask. unfortunately my test came back positive. I was completely asymptomatic but that result put us in isolation and meant everyone who entered our room was in full PPE. my mask was staying on.

after being monitored for a few hours, my contractions were still barely there so around noon they started me on pitocin and we turned on the Vikings game. I’m honestly not sure what is more painful: being in labor or watching the Vikings almost lose [in classic Minnesota fashion] with less than a minute left. either way it was around that time that I got my epidural. I said this last time and I will say it again. I will never not get an epidural. they are wonderful! at this point I was at a 7 so we were just playing the waiting game until it was time to push. at 5:55pm Harvey was born!

they laid him on my chest and within minutes were wisking him away and calling in the NICU. he wasn’t crying and was struggling to take deep breaths. I felt entirely helpless laying on the bed trying to decipher what the doctors and nurses were saying. it felt like we were separated for an eternity. Andrew was with him and they told him he could hold his hand while they put him on a CPAP machine and I laid there praying he would be ok! eventually his breathing regulated and he was able to come back to my chest.

things were a little traumatic there for a second but we are so thankful that our baby boy is healthy! we love you so much Harvey!

XO, Lo


since i am now over 10 weeks into this mom thing, i thought i would share some items that have been super helpful post-partum! some of these things were great for right after the hospital and others we use every day. here are my top 10 mom essentials!


if you are a nursing mom, this thing is a game changer! if you haven’t heard of this product let me introduce you. basically it is a silicone pump that you attach to your opposite side to catch any let down while your little one is nursing. it is amazing to me how much let down you would lose if you didn’t use the haakaa. save the let down to start building up your freezer stash, or use a bottle to give your babe a “dessert” after their feeding. [our pediatrician recommended we do this to help with weight gain]


i am so grateful for the nurse we had our first night in the hospital that saw that i needed to use a shield. there are many reasons you may want to use a shield and i definitely recommend attempting without to start. however, because of my anatomy it was necessary for me in order to be successful. breastfeeding has been one of the hardest things i have ever done. you live your life in 2-3 hour chunks and are so needed by your little one. it can also be stressful to know if they are getting what they need since you can’t measure the ounces. if you are struggling, seek out a lactation consultant! they are experts and can help you so much. hang in there mama!


save your arms and get a boppy pillow! it is amazing how heavy your little one gets after a while of holding or nursing. i asked my friend who is a few months ahead of me what was a “must have” product for her and this was it! now that our babe is a little older he likes to lounge in this after feedings.


between feeding your baby and the “postpartum sweats” you will want a water bottle handy! camelbak has always been my go to. remember that you need to replenish the fluids your are giving away!


when did i wash my hair last? you have way too many things to keep track of so keep this handy in case a shower wasn’t on the priority list today. this living proof dry shampoo is my favorite!


we were so blessed to be handed down this carrier from a co-worker of mine! they aren’t cheap but we simply cannot do without it. we have used it at home, on walks, in stores etc. and you can continue to use it as your baby grows! we purchased an infant insert for ours since the original is only recommended for babies over 12 pounds. if you’re looking for a budget friendly carrier, moms have been raving about this one by infantino. under $30!


this is hands down our favorite product. whenever our babe is fussy this swing does the trick! he has been loving the mobile now as well! this is the exact one we have.


i shared this product in my bumpdate posts but trust me you will want it postpartum as well! when you leave the hospital you will likely look about 6 months pregnant. don’t worry about immediately fitting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. give yourself grace mama!


i purchased these leggings after seeing them all over instagram! they are said to rival lululemon align leggings [which are 4x the price] and come in so many colors. they are super comfortable and high waisted! this pair of joggers are what i brought to the hospital and i highly recommend them as well.


i love love love these pajamas. they are especially great if you’re a nursing mom because they button down to make for easy feedings when you’re still half asleep. plus they are super soft and comfortable!

hope this list was helpful!



He is here! On Friday July 26th at 4:18 pm we welcomed Vincent James Moran into the world. He weighed in at 8 pounds 3 oz and was 21 inches long. We are so incredibly in love with our little boy. I cannot believe he is already 1 week old today!

If you have read any of our bumpdates, you will know that the doctors were monitoring my blood pressure and we were told we would likely be induced between 37 and 39 weeks. we had an ultrasound and appointment every week starting at 30 weeks to make sure all was well with baby and with me. these appointments went so well. baby was passing all of his tests and my blood pressure was looking really good! it was determined that i did not have preclampsia so we were shooting for the 39 week mark. we went in for my appointment Tuesday and baby still looked great however my blood pressure had elevated again. it was official, I would be induced on Friday.

on our way to the hospital!

Friday morning came a long and we started getting ready to head to the hospital for our 7:30am induction and my WATER BROKE! it was the weirdest feeling. in the movies they show a gush of water that makes a puddle on the floor. i had been told that in reality it isn’t like that but for me it was! multiple times. we headed to the hospital and i literally had a bath towel stuffed in my dress. it was so necessary. we got to our room and started pitocin around 9am. even though i was not considered an official induction they still put me on pitocin to get contractions rolling. I didn’t really have a birth plan at all and decided to just roll with the punches. if i felt like i needed pain meds an epidural etc. i would do it. around noon the contractions were starting to get pretty intense so i decided to try Nitrous Oxide. it is self administered laughing gas to take the edge off. everyone’s experience is different but breathing in the gas did absolutely nothing for me. eventually i gave up on that and decided an epidural was the way to go. again, everyone’s experience is different but I will never not get an epidural. it was phenomenal. my plan was to take a nap once i got the epidural to rest up for delivery. however, i was already at 10 cm and it was time to push!

they called my doctor over and unfortunately she was unable to come as she was home with sick kids. it was a bit of a bummer since i had gotten all of my care from her but at this point i just wanted to meet my baby! i pushed for an hour and a half [and felt absolutely nothing, which was amazing] and at 4:18 he was here!

we had two names that we were deciding between and took our time figuring out what one fit this little man. we decided on Vincent James. Andrew’s family is Italian and we loved that we could call him Vinny, Vin or Vincent. James is Andrew’s middle name. i know we are biased, but he truly is the cutest little thing! from his dark hair, his chunky cheeks, and long long legs. We love you so much Vinny and are blessed to be your mom and dad.

my heart just melts when i look at these two



the nordstrom anniversary sale is here! the NSALE is always a favorite of mine because they launch a ton of fall items which is THE best season of all. here are my top picks of the sale this year!

treasure and bond wool panama hat

this hat sold out before i could snatch it! items do occasionally get restocked during the sale so i am going to keep an eye out for it. i love the color and the snakeskin detail.

halogen long sleeve tee

this long sleeve will be the perfect layering piece this fall. i love black and white stripes and i know this will get worn very often!

socialite long sleeve thermal henley

i am most excited for this top! i love a good thermal and this one comes in four colors. i sized up to a medium!

chelsea28 cowl neck sweater

love love love this sweater. i haven’t pulled the trigger on it (yet) because it is just around $50 and i can’t decide if i can justify that. can i?

BP long sleeve rib tee

i bought this one in the ivory color! i am really excited to pair it with my camel suede skirt! it is only $18.90 too which is such a steal.

SPANX faux leather leggings

this is another item that i love but am still trying to decided if i NEED. i think these are so fun but can a mom wear faux leather leggings?! they are around $65 which is a bit of a splurge and i am just not sure if i will get enough wear out of them. but they are so. cute.

BP longline open cardigan

i bought this cardigan at the sale last year and wear it on a weekly basis so definitely needed it in another color. i bought this one in the oatmeal color.

BP lightweight sweater

everyone needs a basic black sweater right? i think this will look so great with a blanket scarf and basically everything else in your closet too.

right now the sale is open only to nordstrom card holders and will be open to the public on July 19th! i ordered all of these items online because being 9 months pregnant i knew it would be pretty pointless to try anything on! luckily nordstrom has the best return policy in case the size i bought ordered doesn’t work.

will you be shopping the sale?


32 week bumpdate

how in the world are we already past 32 weeks? it absolutely blows my mind that in less than 50 days our little man will be here! we have been busy getting his nursery all ready to go and celebrating with baby showers. he is already so loved and spoiled!

how far along: 32 weeks 5 days

due date: August 2nd

gender: BOY

name: we will be sharing once he gets here! we are still debating between a few names!

how have I been feeling?:  still feeling really good! I am getting around pretty well and am not even waddling yet! sleeping is getting a little bit tough as I need to make sure that I have a pillow propped under my heavy belly so I stay on my side and don’t get a sore back! switching positions in the middle of the night is near impossible so if I can stay in the same position all night I’m doing good!

cravings/aversions: I am a little sad to say I never really got any cravings. there was one week I wanted cake with frosting SO bad. we went to the grocery store and got a small cake [cupcakes weren’t good enough] had one piece and the craving was gone. my husband would probably tell you that I craved pizza. I do love pizza but now it gives me such bad acid reflux! basically my diet now includes anything that can keep acid reflux at bay. I suppose there is still time to have some crazy craving so I will let you know.


bumpin’ at the lake this past weekend [swim is non maternity from cupshe]

physical changes: the bump is getting quite impressive in my opinion. he is for sure running out of room and his movements are a lot more intense and noticeable which is fun! unless he is crowding my ribs, then its not so much fun. Andrew and I love seeing and feeling him move around and cherish the time we get to just sit and watch our little boy. my feet and ankles are almost always swollen now even though I try to elevate them as much as I possibly can! luckily the doctor says my swelling is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

doctor appointments: over the past month we have had some interesting doctor appointments. at 28 weeks I went in for my glucose tolerance test. [if you are not familiar, you drink an extremely sugary drink and they test your blood an hour later to check for gestational diabetes] the appointment didn’t start off very well as my blood pressure was high which can be a major concern. then I found out I had failed my glucose test and would have to come back to do a 3 hour test to officially determine if I had gestational diabetes. I came in a few days later to do the 3 hour test and it was so awful. i felt extremely sick and light headed and was doing everything in my power to keep the drink down and survive the 4 blood draws. luckily i passed the test and was not diagnosed with diabetes! thank goodness. I went in for my 30 week appointment and again had high blood pressure. because of the two high readings in a row they were concerned about preeclampsia. they ordered blood tests as well as a 24 hour urine test. you really have to swallow your pride during pregnancy. collecting my urine for 24 hours [8 hours of which i was at work] is far from glamorous. they also wanted me to start coming in for weekly ultrasounds to check on baby and make sure all is going well. we were told at this point that if i did have preeclampsia they would not allow me to go past 37 weeks. fast forward to this past week and we found out that all of my lab work came back normal! my blood pressure was also normal and baby looked great on the ultrasound. in fact, he is a healthy 4 pounds already! they still plan to monitor me weekly just to be safe but i think we are in the clear. either way we will not go past 39 weeks. he will be here before we know it! please continue to pray for us! especially that my blood pressure would remain in a good range and that he would pass his ultrasound tests.

nursery: we painted the nursery over memorial weekend and I am so happy with the color! the light cream color really brightened up the space and looks great with our white crib. [i’ll share pictures when it is more finished] in my last bumpdate I mentioned needing new cushions for the rocking chair. I decided to get out my sewing machine and make them myself and really like the way they turned out! my sister in law is coming over to paint the chair white so it matches the crib. right now we are searching for a new light for the room! I really like this, this,  and this style. which do you like better?


the finished cushions! I also made a lumbar pillow. my sister crocheted this giraffe. is it not the cutest thing?

favorite products:


i finally decided to get some pajamas that fit so that i didn’t have to wear my husbands clothes. i am all about a cute pajama set and fell in love with this nightgown. i plan to pack it in my hospital bag because it will be great for nursing!

birkenstock sandals

these are the best. they are so comfortable, have great support, and the buckle is adjustable! they are the only sandal these swollen feet fit into and i am so grateful for them.

white jeans

I love wearing white jeans in the spring/summer so I made sure to get a maternity pair. these fit so well and  have belt loops and a button so they look just like normal jeans! highly recommend.





mothers day will be here before we know it {may 12th if you didn’t know} and for some reason I struggle when it comes to gifts for my mom. what do you give the woman that literally gave you LIFE? there really is no gift that can measure up, but here are some fun ideas!


one| two| three| four| five|

who doesn’t love Joanna Gaines? I received this cookbook for Christmas this year and I truly believe that every household needs it. there is a chocolate chip cookie recipe in there that is incredible. I made them for our small group this past week and everyone said it was the best cookie they have ever had! would you expect anything less coming from  Jo?

I love dainty necklaces and think this one is adorable. it is very similar to a high end style that you might be interested in too. give her one with her initial on it or gift it to a first time mom with baby’s initial.

if there is one thing my mom loves it is the foam soap from bath and body works. her favorite scent is peach bellini but I think this aromatherapy set of 5 is a perfect idea for any mom!

these slippers have been all over Instagram lately! {do you call these slippers or house shoes?} they come in 11 colors and look so comfortable!

this chopper has changed my life. dramatic? maybe. but it is so good! I purchased it originally to slice onions and chop garlic for various dinner recipes but am also excited to use it to puree foods for our little one. it is dishwasher friendly and my favorite appliance.




my husband and i took some time to get away before we become a family of 3! we knew we wanted to go somewhere warm (being from Minnesota) and a lot of tropical locations were not an option due to the risk of Zika. we decided to go to Hawaii because it was warm and even though you felt like you were really far away it was still in the United States! we stayed in an airbnb in the Aston Kannapali Shores Resort. the location was great! there was a restaurant on site, a grocery store across the street and a boardwalk filled with places to eat nearby. we were there during my 23rd week and could not have timed it better.


our resort


the view from our balcony {see that splash way out there? that’s a whale!}


we won this cabana for the day



our favorite part of the trip was this snorkel cruise! it is very hard to smile in these masks. we went on Maui Magic


baby beach

how far along: 25 weeks

due date: August 2nd

gender: BOY

how have I been feeling?: I have actually been feeling really good! I was definitely nervous that between our 10+ hour flight to Hawaii and going out on boats for our excursions that I would struggle with nausea. but I felt just fine! my ankles and feet tend to get quite swollen after sitting for long periods of time and it is getting hard to pick up things off of the ground (including myself haha). both seem totally reasonable for being close to my 3rd trimester.

cravings/aversions: still nothing. i am always hungry though that is for sure.

physical changes: the bump keeps growing and growing. baby boy is now the size of a head of cauliflower. i am definitely to the point where it is incredibly obvious that i am expecting so people don’t hesitate to ask when i am due. nothing has changed too much in the past month. my belly button is still an innie, no new stretch marks (i say new because girl i have my fair share of stretch marks that have been around for years), no linea nigra, just a big belly.

nursery: we have talked about painting the nursery in the near future! nothing too exciting but i am thinking a cream color to brighten up the space. (the walls are currently a chocolate brown and way too dark) i mentioned in the last bumpdate that my parents bought us some décor. they got us this and this print that will go over the crib. we are doing a neutral safari theme. i am really hoping to find a plant similar to this one to add to the space. interior design is not my forte and I am planning to have some friends come over and help decorate the space once we have the crib. we also need new cushions for the rocking chair we have. any suggestions of where to buy them or get them made? thanks in advance!

favorite products:

shaping shorts

because i am due in august, i plan to wear dresses to keep cool during the summer months. I’ve always liked wearing a shaping short underneath dresses to prevent any chaffing and to feel protected in the event of a strong wind! highly recommend these.

body con dress

i am planning to live in this dress all. summer. long. i really like that it is a longer length because it makes me feel more comfortable as apposed to a shorter length. i also purchased this dress and really like it as well! both are currently under $20!

mama sweatshirt

ok so this item is actually on my wish list. it looks so cute and comfy!




bumpdate + gender reveal!

I cannot believe we are over halfway to meeting our sweet little babe!

how far along: we had our ultrasound on Friday at 21 weeks!

due date: August 2nd

how have I been feeling? I have been feeling great! 2nd trimester has been a breeze so far. besides the fact that i only fit in about 5 things in my closet i feel as close to “normal” as can be! i find myself getting a little car sick if i am in the backseat but that was a common occurrence for me even before being pregnant. all in all I would say I’ve been very blessed to have had a great pregnancy!

cravings/aversions: honestly, none. nothing sounds overly wonderful or terribly bad.

physical changes: I have gained about 10 pounds so far! my bump popped around 16 weeks.  I am trying really hard to embrace my bump and body changes but i’m not going to lie it has been a struggle. all my life I’ve been self conscious about my body. mostly because I was the chunky elementary school kid and after puberty became the awkward skinny middle schooler. i feel like my entire life i have carefully towed the line to make sure I’m not too small or too big. basically doing all i can so people would not comment on my body. of course being pregnant you are constantly getting comments about your body changes and growing belly… even from strangers.  i want to be so proud of this bump that shows a life is growing inside of me and need to keep reminding myself that these changes are normal and good. thankful for my husband who reminds me of this daily and lovingly cherishes my bump.

have you felt the baby move? YES! i started feeling the baby around 17 weeks. it started off so subtle and i wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination or the real thing! baby now moves quite a bit. it was so fun to see all the movement on the ultrasound as well, kicking away!

nursery: my sweet parents bought us our first decorations for the nursery! I had been waiting to do anything with the space because I wanted to know what we were having first. so far the nursery is neutral colors {navy blue, gray, white, beige} but will get little pops of color depending on what the gender is!

favorite products:

nursing bras

the first thing i noticed growing was my chest. I’ve never been busty so its been super weird to adjust to. i got a great recommendation from one of my friends that instead of purchasing a regular bra in your new size to go ahead and buy nursing bras. you’ll definitely need them soon enough so why not stock up on them? these are from amazon and are unbelievably comfortable!


my go to maternity outfit lately has been one of these tanks with either a cardigan, button up or kimono on top. they are nice and long and i love that they don’t have the ruching on the side like most maternity items have.


been living in these seamless leggings. i’ve also worn these non maternity leggings in a size up from my normal.


until recently i’ve still been in my pre pregnancy jeans unzipped and unbuttoned with a bella band. Old Navy had a huge sale and i decided to give these jeans a try. why was i shoving myself into my jeans?! these are so comfortable! rockstar jeans are my favorite non maternity jeans so it makes sense that i really liked these! i don’t quite fill out the full panel yet so i still wear my bella band to keep them snug.

now for what you’ve all been waiting for….


ITS A BOY!!!!!





we are so excited to announce that Baby Moran is on the way!

ever since forever i knew i wanted to be a mom. however our road has not been the easiest as we struggled for well over a year to get pregnant. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis when I was in middle school and always knew that it could be difficult to get pregnant. man did we pray for this sweet babe growing inside me! I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to carry this child. He is faithful and his timing is perfect.

how we found out: my cycle had been pretty consistently late which was disheartening month after month. i took my first test on a Friday morning before work and was in disbelief when i saw that second pink line appear. it was a pretty faint line so i didn’t allow myself to get too excited and decided to wait a few days and test again. I was so distracted at work that day and all I could think was, is this real? am I actually pregnant? because i wasn’t convinced i didn’t tell Andrew right away. on sunday morning i took another test and that second line appeared instantly! it was truly surreal and i could not believe we were finally pregnant. Andrew was playing volleyball later that day with some friends and i decided while he was gone i was going to think of a fun way to tell him. i ran to target to get a digital test that would actually say “pregnant” on the screen and set up a little display with the test, a letter board that said “oh baby” and a pacifier.

how far along: 14 weeks- baby is the size of a peach!

due date: August 2nd

how have I been feeling? i started feeling nauseous around week 7. they are so right when they say morning sickness can last all day. luckily i was able to find foods that i was able to tolerate and stocked my work desk with snacks. I felt most sick when I was hungry having snacks on hand was a life saver! I’ve also been very tired and tend to fall asleep on the couch every night around 8:30-9.

cravings: i haven’t really had too many cravings yet. what i can tell you is that pizza ALWAYS sounds good to me.

aversions: chicken and rice but my biggest aversion has been COFFEE. which is so terribly sad because i was a daily coffee drinker and really loved spoiling myself with an iced caramel macchiato. I had zero desire for it and didn’t have it at all my first trimester. it is starting to sound good again so it may be making its way back into my diet.

physical changes: i personally feel like i started showing early on even though i can guarantee it was 90% bloat, 10% bump! I’ve been in the awkward stage where a lot of my clothes don’t fit anymore but i also don’t fit into maternity clothes yet. thank goodness for leggings and chunky sweaters!

gender: we will be finding out the gender later in march! stay tuned!

favorite products:

prenatal gummies

trust me, you’ll want chewable vitamins instead of pills! they will sit so much better in your nauseated stomach.

bella band

perfect for when you can no longer button or zip your non maternity pants!

palmers cocoa butter

stretch marks “shouldn’t” appear until later in the 2nd trimester, but I’ve been getting in the habit of using this lotion after i shower on my belly and hips.



in my shopping cart

it is officially birthday week! my husband always warns me in the beginning of march that i need to try to not buy anything because my birthday is soon. of course when someone tells me i can’t buy something i find all the things that i really want! so instead of going out and buying it i thought i’d share with you guys what i have my eye on! here is what is currently in my shopping cart.

in my shopping cart

makeup brush| brush cleaning mat| graphic tee
letter board| patio lights| purse| swim top and bottom


do you clean your makeup brushes? i know i should but i am so bad at remembering to do it. i am hoping this cleaning mat by sigma beauty will make it easier so i do it more often! it suctions right to your sink and has 7 different textures to clean and refine your brushes. also, if you are in the market for new brushes make sure you check out the sonia kashuk brand at target! i’ve been really impressed with the quality of these brushes for the price!

|to wear|

i am a total sucker for a good graphic tee! old navy has some great ones right now and with spring break coming up i thought this one was perfect. i am currently carrying a black tote from target and am ready to switch it up for spring. i love the gray color and the fact that you can carry it or use it as a cross body. andrew graduates from grad school next month {hallelujah} and we are planning a trip somewhere warm! i love this mix n match gingham print suit from ASOS. have you browsed their suits? they are so unique and cute!

|for the home|

we are currently looking for a new place to rent! we got rid of quite a bit of our stuff when we left north dakota so i am slowly looking for fun home decor for our new place! how cute are these lights for the patio?

thanks for stopping by!